Despite new addition to this village like 7-Eleven convenient shops, Scuba Diving schools and awful looking shops, Bangbao still has its old fashion charm.

Most of the villagers are lured by the opportunity offered by foreigners who are willing to give millions of Bahts in exchange of their modest houses. Bangbao currently is no less than a farang’s (westerner’s) village.

Tourism changed the lifestyle of most Bangbao habitants who were mostly fishermen. The lighthouse offers 360° view of Koh Chang and its nearby islands.

To see what Bangbao has in store, rent a motorbike to go to the rest of the village and Klong Doi Beach. And oh, if you’re tired of drifting on the beach, you might also want to see 5 waterfalls in Kongoi Jungle, not far from Bangbao Village.

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