Beaches in Koh Chang

Beaches at the west coast of Koh Chang

The west coast of Koh Chang underwent massive improvement these last years, however the laid back atmosphere of the island remains unchanged compared to Phuket or Koh Samui.

Koh Chang attracts some 400,000 tourists, mostly European, each year and the number is predicted to rise.  Most of the island’s accommodations can be found on the west coast beaches. So expect a packed beaches during high season.

There are seven beaches on Koh Chang’s west coast, namely:

Beaches at the east coast of Koh Chang

The east coast of Koh Chang doesn’t have as many accommodations or tourist’s facilities compared to the west coast part. Completely the antithesis of Koh Chang’s west coast, there are very few sandy beaches. But the people are happy the way this area is, quiet, peaceful with plenty of fishes for the community.