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Koh wai

Compared to its neighbor isles, Ko Wai is extremely underdeveloped, however that is what make the island irresistible to light sleeper travelers. The electricity in the island is still depending on power generators, yes, the island is THAT rustic. If you want to experience how Koh Chang was in the eighties, then head to Ko […]

Koh Maak

Being referred by some as the “preserved treasure”, the island is Gulf of Thailand’s surprise for island hopper.  Koh Maak, sometimes written as Koh Mak is a part of Koh Rang Marine Park. The island’s clear water and empty white sandy beaches with coconut groves make it idyllic for lounging under the sun and snorkeling.

Koh Kood

The island is also known as Koh Kut, located 1 or 2 hour with speedboat (cost about 900 Baht) or 3-4 hours with normal boat from Bang Bao Bay. A place much more solemn compared to cheery Koh Chang. The island lies close to the border of Cambodia and there’s literally no nightlife there, making […]