Lonely Beach

For backpackers, Lonely Beach (Hat Tha Nam) is the place to be; Thai male tourists go there to see carefree female backpackers who often lounging on the beach topless.

With its growing popularity, Lonely Beach is no longer, well, lonely. People pour in there looking to let all the care goes. In this side of Koh Chang, tourists are surely spoilt rotten: updating Facebook status while eating banana pancake with honey and drinking cold coffee, check; Gossiping with new found friends and planning for the next Full Moon Party at Koh Pa Ngan, check; Sun lounger since 4 AM, check; frequent parties, check. Pack up your Lipovitan (energy drink that makes Red Bull looks like health drink), or for ear plugs for non party goers.

To future travelers who plan to stay at Lonely Beach, though the people who run the resorts there are very tolerant about other’s lifestyle, do bare in mind that there have been many instances when foreigners were arrested for lighting joints in Thailand’s tourist areas. Also be careful when you swim, the tides and currents can be dangerous at Lonely Beach. In 2003 alone there are 20 cases of drowning.

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